Even booked flights can be more expensive

May 23, 2022 at 10:15 am Note to vacationers : Booked group trips can get more expensive too Pack your bags and go on a package vacation? But be careful: in some cases, prices can go up in a short time. Photo: dpa-tmn / Frank Rumpenhorst Dusseldorf Vacations during times of high kerosene prices can … Read more

Mercedes GLS 400d in the test

The S-Class among SUVs is said to be seven-seater, and with a 330-horsepower diesel it is also particularly efficient. Well: the test. A certain fatalism can certainly be read, because even in 2019 it was partly appropriate to celebrate an increase in length by 7.7 cm in a new car – to 5.21 meters. In … Read more

More convenience and safety: AI is now also effective in LG Gram 2022

The 16:10 format for the 14, 16 and 17-inch LG Gram 2022 models offers 11 percent more workspace than a 16:9 screen. Only the 15-inch version comes with Full HD in 16:9 format.Photo: LG Electronics Of course, LG Electronics also retained the well-known strengths of the Gram series: the new 14- and 17-inch models are … Read more