Census 2022: Survey is on – Criminals can try to scam census

The 2022 census has begun. Survey staff are now on their way to 10.3 million households across Germany. Many are already visiting selected families in their area, with whom they have already made appointments. Others first distribute the information that the household has been selected for the survey. Important official information about your family is … Read more

Seven beautiful destinations for families in North Rhine-Westphalia

Oct 7, 2021 at 7:14 am Autumn vacation at home : Seven Beautiful Excursion Destinations for Families in NRW Pumpkin display at the Krewelshof (archive) Photo: dpa / Oliver Berg Dusseldorf In a few days, NRW’s fall vacations will begin. If you don’t travel, you can also do a lot here. Our seven colorful holiday … Read more

Puberty: Help, Am I Raising Arrogant?

KRecently, on a not-too-exciting walk, during a not-too-exciting vacation, my 14-year-old son and I quickly started talking. He explained that he was so bored that he felt like trying new hobbies. Among other things, it was about sports that he might like – fencing, tennis, sailing, golf … (anyone who remembers the many other columns … Read more