Sports stat? DOSB calls for support for mass sports

DrThe German Olympic Sports Federation (DOSB) has called for a paradigm shift in the federal government. “Successful competitive sport should not be the only objective of federal policy and sports financing,” says a paper on key issues titled “Sports Moves in Germany,” published by the umbrella organization on Tuesday: “Mass sports should also receive the … Read more

Sexism allegations against Feldman: SPD calls for immediate resignation

sBoth the government and the opposition in the Frankfurt City Parliament are unanimously calling for the immediate resignation of Mayor Lord Peter Feldman. If he does not comply, he is threatened with an out vote. On Monday, his party, the Social Democrats, implored Feldman to “make the welfare of the city the guiding principle of … Read more

The maximum speed of independence from Russian oil

Hurope must become independent of Russian oil and gas as soon as possible. Therefore, Luxembourg Energy Minister Claude Turmes called for a coordinated speed limit in addition to two days in the home office at the EU level. Because slower cars consume less fuel. Combined with car-free weekends in major cities, Turmes estimates that 2.5 … Read more

The future of the global economy – Morning Brief Plus

Today I am reporting from Handelsblatt headquarters in Düsseldorf, in the middle of final preparations for my trip to the World Economic Forum in Davos. It is a delicate moment for the global economy: As state leaders, NGO representatives and CEOs gather in the Swiss mountain resort, growth rates in China are collapsing, the United … Read more

Schleswig-Holstein: There is no remake of the Jamaica Alliance

nAfter a joint exploratory talk by the CDU, Greens and the FDP, a new edition of the Jamaica Alliance was launched in Schleswig-Holstein. Prime Minister Daniel Gunther (CDU) said Thursday evening in Kiel that he deeply regrets this. Despite the skepticism of junior partners, the three parties together for the first time sought the continuation … Read more

€9 ticket and tank discount: grants are approved by the Bundestag

sTraveling through Germany will be cheaper in the summer: two decisions by the Bundestag as of late Thursday night make not only refueling and therefore driving cheaper for three months, but bus and train trips as well. The Federal Council also voted in favor of the 9-euro card and its financing on Friday. Federal Chancellor … Read more

Politicians gather without the German Football Association and Dusp on the issue of sports

DrThe public hearing of the Bundestag Committee on Human Rights and Humanitarian Aid on “sport and human rights” on Wednesday without the participation of the German Olympic Sports Federation (DOSB) and the German Football Association (DFB), the country’s largest sports organization, was met with incomprehension even in the coincidence of the House of Representatives “We … Read more

Anger after Bundestag speech: ‘uninformed’, ‘unprofessional’, ‘rude’ – Struck-Zimmermann attacks Merz

Germany Anger after the Bundestag speech ‘Unknown’, ‘unprofessional’, ‘rude’ – Strack-Zimmermann attacks Merz As of 3:38 pm | Reading time: 3 minutes Strack-Zimmermann calls Merz “rude” and “unprofessional” Defense Committee chairwoman Marie Agnes Strack Zimmermann has strongly criticized Union faction leader Frederick Merz for appearing in the Bundestag today. Appearance was “rude”, “unprofessional” and “uninformed”. … Read more

Inflation of the Bundestag: a traffic light plan for an “alternative vote” – WELT

Ple aeteuale aeuen elueu Iea uul peO plell Eluel GuOOlppluu pep Pnupepleap, ple plek epeuplepeO IkeOe vlpOeu vltt, eu ple Qtteultlekhell. Bel Oeueke lpl pep elu nutlenuptlekel Phl pel Guetllluu. “Gp ple Blphnppluu lO BelteOeul pnlek ple POoet vllhtlek aeveupekl lpl، ptelpl eveltetketl، pe vlepelnO elu Uulpektea elpl epel ple Qtteultlekhell huOOnulelell vllp، uuek peuuul … Read more

State Election 2022 NRW: ‘Good Talks’ for Black and Green

May 19, 2022 at 06:40 First meeting in Dusseldorf : “Good Conversations” by Black-Green 11 photos of these 10 people talking about black and green today Photo: dpa / Oliver Berg Düsseldorf In Düsseldorf, just three days after the elections, the CDU and the Green Party met for the first time. It will be the … Read more