What is the mathematical line of government?

ySomeone commented on sports: Böhm 2.0. The expulsion of the woman, who stood on the government side between sports organizations and the €300m in first-class sports funding, is reminiscent of the sports-politics scandal four years ago: sports officials are tired of the ministry’s scrutiny of them. Plans, their spending and, above all, their effectiveness to … Read more

Sports stat? DOSB calls for support for mass sports

DrThe German Olympic Sports Federation (DOSB) has called for a paradigm shift in the federal government. “Successful competitive sport should not be the only objective of federal policy and sports financing,” says a paper on key issues titled “Sports Moves in Germany,” published by the umbrella organization on Tuesday: “Mass sports should also receive the … Read more

Chancellor: Schulz promises Ukraine more support

The chancellor is sticking to his line in dealing with Russia’s aggressive war against Ukraine – and warns against acting too quickly. But he confirms his grace to hand over weapons. Advisor Olaf Scholz (SPD) he has Ukraine Promise more support. “We will continue to support Ukraine with money and humanitarian aid, but it must … Read more

Alternative for Germany: Right-wing cadres factory hopes to tax millions – Politics

The Traffic Lights Coalition is warning of a legal defeat for the AfD, Berlin constitutional lawyer Christoph Mullers warns. Its current actions against right-wing populists are neglected, and “could quickly fail in court.” It’s about a lot of money: The Traffic Lights Coalition is currently working to bypass the party’s AfD when it comes to … Read more

Arms shipments: Ukraine loses patience with Germany

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Economy Minister: Robert Habeck’s difficult task

Updated on 05/17/2022 at 16:55 First, the energy transition, now energy independence: Economy Minister Robert Habeck has one of the toughest jobs in the federal government. The Green politician wants to quickly make Germany independent of Russian energy. On the road with Habeck at Leuna’s Chemical Park. Robert Habeck is said to enjoy politics the … Read more

The chancellor doesn’t just want to go to Kyiv to take a picture

DrThe Federal Chancellor does not want to travel to Kyiv just to take a “photo”. RTL’s Olaf Schultz said it should be “based on the fact that something is specifically being promoted, and it doesn’t have to be just a photo session”. He won’t join a group of people doing something for a quick in … Read more

‘Biggest increase in decades’: Bundestag discusses pension package

Updated on 05/13/2022 at 17:07 The federal government wants to increase pensions, Labor Secretary Hubertus Hill speaks of a sign of stability. However, the package is not enough for the opposition parties. And they demand better inflation compensation for pensioners. What is the government planning? You can find more current news here The pension is … Read more

Corona News: The first death from Corona in North Korea

In North Korea, it appears that about 350,000 people have already contracted “unknown fever”. As reported by the official Central News Agency, about 187,800 people have been isolated and are now being treated after the fever has spread “explosively” across the country since the end of April. It is currently unclear if and how many … Read more

The Bundestag decides to make billions in tax breaks for citizens

Updated on 05/12/2022 at 19:05 Recently, citizens have had to pay a lot for heating and driving. The Bundestag decides on many exemptions – but some will only be felt on the next tax return. Travelers, poor families and families in particular will benefit from the package. You can find more current news here Due … Read more