Eintracht Celebration: This is how the press reacted to O.B. Feldman’s regional blunder

Frankfurt – The coach and captain grabbed the trophy, made unnecessary speeches, made thousands of fans wait and freaked out, played a wrong name, and blew the whistle: Frankfurt Mayor Peter Feldmann (63, SPD) managed to stand up to hundreds of thousands of fans and TV in the city’s greatest sporting moment – To embarrass … Read more

Riots after Eintracht celebration in Frankfurt

aOn the one hand, the peaceful celebration of the reception in Römerberg, and on the other hand the late-night attacks of police officers and paramedics: the police and firefighters took a detailed picture of how the day went from their point of view on Friday. . The result: completely mixed. Because in the end there … Read more

Japan Day 2022 in Dusseldorf: Japanese fireworks and J-pop

May 20, 2022 at 2:52 pm 600,000 people expected in Dusseldorf : Japanese fireworks and J-Pop on Japan Day The Japanese pop movie “Charan Bo Rantan with the Balkan Kankan” is the most important musical act of this year’s Japan Day. Photo: Brigitte Pavic Düsseldorf Hundreds of thousands of people are expected to arrive in … Read more