Maybrit Eliner: ‘We’ll have to help finance the reconstruction of Ukraine anyway’

HUkraine’s accession to the European Union, arms shipments, the course of the war – these were the main themes of Maybrit Illner. Military expert Gustav Gressel, who accused the chancellor of “meeting” in his speech in the Bundestag on Thursday, found the words clear at first. Olaf Schultz has always stayed out of the limelight … Read more

Vacation package or flexible travel: Who is responsible in the event of a dispute? | News from Kamen on

What travelers should know when planning their vacation Whether it is an all-inclusive on the Mediterranean, a holiday apartment on the Baltic Sea or a half-board in the mountains: the desire to travel has renewed among many people and the tourism industry is setting record sales. It is not always easy to keep track of … Read more

What are the tips to keep in mind in summer vacation 2022.

December 23, 2021 at 5:22 pm Early bird discounts can fund a flexible surcharge : Flexibility price Some hotels in Mallorca are fully booked this fall Photo: Michael Lubke Düsseldorf Despite Corona, the travel industry expects high demand for 2022. But you need to carefully consider rebooking options. Mallorca and North Sea holidays are popular. … Read more