24-hour analysis of the Nürburgring 2022: the fight for survival

For the first time since 2019, fans were allowed to camp around the racetrack for the 24 Hours of the Nürburgring. And they weren’t disappointed. Because the Eiffel classic once again wrote crazy stories. We review the defining moments and explain the background. Who is responsible for the Vanthoor vs. Vanthoor? Maybe it was the … Read more

Formula 1: Amid the chaos of rain in Monaco, Mick Schumacher’s car splits in two

Formula 1 bad accident Mick Schumacher’s car breaks in two in rain chaos in Monaco As of: 6:50 PM | Reading time: 4 minutes Mick Schumacher had a serious accident in Monaco Source: Pool via REUTERS The Monaco Grand Prix starts with a long delay after heavy rain. Then the race descends into chaos. After … Read more

Fans report the Nürburgring 24 Hours 2022 | Car engine and sports

Fans at the Nürburgring celebrate the 24 Hours of Racing for the first time since 2019. For an entire week they have turned Nordschleife into the crazy home of motorsport. The most creative fans can be found camping around the ring. The sounds of Bavarian folk music are heard from the speakers at the Schwalbenschwanz … Read more

Budget limits in Formula 1: Big teams are calling for changes. – Sports

In Monte Carlo, the focus is automatically on the money. Expensive cars don’t just drive on the racetrack here. And the fleet of vehicles in the water port is just as impressive as those on land in the pit lane – and perhaps also in some private garages. So it is entirely fitting that there … Read more

Vettel feels the upside: time is possible in Hamilton

Monaco GP 2022 A converted Aston Martin is slowly gaining momentum. His attributes slowly became evident. Sebastian Vettel entered Q3 without any concussions and thinks he would have beat Hamilton’s time had it not been for his mistake in the first corner. The premiere of the B version of the Aston Martin AMR22 ended in … Read more

Principal Pole Leclerc: Controversy over lost metrics

Monaco GP 2022 The Monaco curse almost hit Charles Leclerc again in qualifying. Only the attentive Ferrari command center was able to slow the pilot down on the FIA ​​scales. Red Bull is still expected to kick Leclerc. But it was not there. When Charles Leclerc walked across the pool lane on his last fast … Read more

F1 calendar without Monaco: new special deal

Monaco GP 2022 In the 2023 season, Formula 1 wants to increase it to 24 races. Three new grand prizes in the initial plan. The traditional races at Monte Carlo and Spa must tremble. Monaco offered a special arrangement light. Formula 1 leaders are already working on a racing calendar for 2023. At the moment … Read more

Live tape of the Nürburgring 24 hour race 2022 | Car engine and sports

10:06 PM The TF Sport Aston Martin Vantage GT3 (#90) continues to set the tone after six hours. Driver Marco Sorensen is confident after his stint: “We are definitely fighting for victory. We can only complain about the little things.” The Rowe-BMW (#98) is still behind the Aston Martin, which is currently driven by Marco … Read more

Mercedes’ problems in Monaco: No step back

Monaco GP 2022 After the high mid-level in Barcelona, ​​Mercedes once again missed out on the top spot by seven tenths in Monaco. The engineers expected what looked like a throwback to the good old days. Monte Carlo was the most murderous place on the way back to the top. Barcelona was a bright spot. … Read more

Formula 1: Charles Leclerc gets pole for Monaco, Vettel ninth – Formula 1

Can he finally break the curse? Charles Leclerc (24) starts from pole position in his home race in Monaco! For the Ferrari driver it is a chance to finally win in his living room. So far, Leclerc hasn’t even managed to finish a single race in Monaco. Next to him in the front row: Carlos … Read more