Is there really something?

( – For a few days there have been rumors in Formula 1 that Aston Martin might be interested in signing Mick Schumacher. If Sebastian Vettel ends his career after his current contract expires at the end of the season – and that wouldn’t be surprising as of today – then, as Italia first … Read more

According to Rosberg, Verstappen is “off the track”!

8:15 pm Tomorrow more! With this Stephen Ellen says goodbye (Twitter: Tweet embed) for the day from the live Formula 1 bar. Thank you for participating on Friday in Monaco. And I’d like to be back on Saturday when it’s time for the first big event of the weekend: qualifying at Circuit de Monaco. I’ll … Read more

Ricardo accident in the second training session!

6:40 pm Verstappen: Ferrari is in a better position World champion Max Verstappen has to admit after Friday’s training in Monaco that Ferrari did a lot of things right – and was faster. “Compared to Ferrari, we still have to find more,” he says. “It’s just a matter of getting our balance now.” In P4, … Read more

Wolff says Mercedes is ‘indestructible’ in Monaco

5:04 PM Training underway, driving Schumacher After the technical issues in the first training session, the second unit starts much better for Mick Schumacher: after changing the gearbox and the MGU-K, Schumacher is already on the road in the Haas VF-22, he has already completed several laps and is on top with his early times … Read more

Leclerc expects surprises in Monaco

20:00 Withdrawal time! This brings us to the end of today’s bar. The first training sessions will start tomorrow in Monaco, then my colleague Stefan Ellen will welcome you to a new edition. Have a nice evening, enjoy the race this weekend and see you next! 7:55 pm Leclerc: Stable management at Ferrari too? Red … Read more

Why Lewis Hamilton wanted to give up racing at Barcelona early

( – Toto Wolff shows his understanding of what Lewis Hamilton suggested on pit radio after colliding with Kevin Magnussen at the 2022 Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona, ​​by giving up the race early and clashing with discussions, particularly on various social media. Media platforms networks in which the seven-time world champion is accused of … Read more

2022 season final with only three teams?

09:44 AM From the locker of curiosity… The traditional football game with celebrities is part of the pre-program for the Monaco Grand Prix every year. This time there was a small incident between Formula 1 President Stefano Domenicali and former Formula 1 driver Daniel Cugat… Let’s put it this way: Domenicali cannot be accused of … Read more

Vettel and Schumacher are the biggest losers

9:30 pm Qualification in analysis Saturday in Barcelona is coming to an end and we say goodbye to the day. The race starts tomorrow at 3:00pm and of course we’ll be there again in the morning with a new bar for you. Finally, here is a reference to our large video analysis of the qualification. … Read more