Foreign Minister Barbuk visits Kyiv – meeting with Kuleba planned

Annalena Barbouk in Bosha The Federal Foreign Minister had an idea of ​​the situation in the suburb of Kyiv. (Photo: Reuters) Kyiv Foreign Minister Annalina Barbuk (Green Party) is the first German Cabinet member to travel to the capital, Kyiv, since the start of Russia’s aggressive war on Ukraine. The politician from the Green Party … Read more

Olaf Schultz does not want to travel to Kyiv because Steinmeier has been discharged

Olaf Scholz “Our goal is to end the fighting immediately, for Russia to end the war and withdraw its soldiers from Ukraine,” the chancellor said. (Photo: Reuters) Berlin Chancellor Olaf Schultz does not wish to travel to the capital Kyiv at the moment because the Ukrainian side has not invited President Frank-Walter Steinmeier. “What now?” … Read more

Andrei Melnik does not want to apologize to Olaf Schultz

DrUkrainian Ambassador Andrei Melnik sees no reason to apologize after his attack on Chancellor Olaf Schultz. “It’s not about apologizing, it’s about setting the right policy these days,” he told Deutschlandfunk on Friday morning. “It’s not about whether you feel offended or not, it’s about whether you will help us not lose in this war … Read more

Prague and Berlin prepare for arms swap

DrGermany and the Czech Republic are preparing an agreement on a circular exchange of heavy military equipment, in the framework of which the Czech army will deliver Warsaw Pact-era weapons to Ukraine and will be supplied with Western technology in return. This was announced by Czech Prime Minister Petr Viala and Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz … Read more

Ukraine war: Selinsky on the phone with Steinmeier – is it a lull in the relationship?

Ukraine war Invitation to Kyiv: Steinmeier calls Silinsky 05/05/2022, 19:44 | Reading time: 3 minutes Steinmeier’s visit to Kyiv “unwelcome” Steinmeier’s visit to Kyiv is undesirable The leadership in Kyiv refused the visit of Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier to Ukraine. Steinmeier said in Warsaw that his Polish colleague Andrzej Duda had suggested traveling to Kyiv … Read more

Travel dispute: Chancellor expects concessions from Ukraine | Germany | DW

Is there anything moving in the diplomatic row over Frank-Walter Steinmeier’s canceled trip to Ukraine in April? Olaf Schultz said at the end of a cabinet meeting in Schloss Messberg, explaining again why he was not going to Ukraine at the moment and wanted to drive. But the German prime minister admits that he is … Read more

One of the most violent waves of Russian offensive

MWith massive missile launches at Ukraine’s railway systems, Russia is trying to stop the West’s supply of weapons. The State Railways announced the bombing of six train stations in western and central Ukraine on Tuesday. There were no injuries among the workers and passengers. 14 passenger trains were temporarily delayed. The missiles also hit three … Read more