Eintracht Celebration: This is how the press reacted to O.B. Feldman’s regional blunder

Frankfurt – The coach and captain grabbed the trophy, made unnecessary speeches, made thousands of fans wait and freaked out, played a wrong name, and blew the whistle: Frankfurt Mayor Peter Feldmann (63, SPD) managed to stand up to hundreds of thousands of fans and TV in the city’s greatest sporting moment – To embarrass … Read more

Bottle throwing, irritating gas: Fans injured police officers at regional Eintracht celebration

Frankfurt (Hesse) – Obviously not all Eintracht fans can celebrate without attacking the police: even the day after the final historic victory in Seville, there were attacks on police officers in Frankfurt again! How dangerous is the Frankfurt party? “A crazy amount of shooting!” Source: IMAGE 05/20/2022 While the vast majority of the nearly 100,000 … Read more

‘The Last Generation’: New Toughness Against Climate Protesters

Germany “last generation” Repressive authorities? New toughness against climate protesters Status: 2:39 PM | Reading time: 4 minutes The “last generation” is stuck Despite criticism and threats from politicians, climate protesters continue to block parts of the Berlin motorway. Many radical activists wish to move forward in the future. WELT reporter Sebastian May accompanied the … Read more

Supplies for the worst-case scenario: “We are not optimally prepared”

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