Mona Neubauer: With no government experience – now the most important politician in New York State

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Victory in the NRW: Election after election, the Greens are expanding their power base

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Victory in the NRW: Election after election, the Greens are expanding their power base

DrThe Greens can continue their successful run in the state elections in North Rhine-Westphalia and, like last Sunday in Schleswig-Holstein, achieve a historic result. In Dusseldorf they acted as kingmaker. It is likely that they will decide whether Hendrik Fust (CDU) will remain head of the Chancellery of Dusseldorf or whether his rival Thomas Kochati … Read more

NRW Campaign Protests: ‘You could have been dumped long ago in authoritarian states’

sSome police officers even stand on the outside balcony of Cologne Cathedral, staring into the depths of Runkaliplatz. The area between the cathedral and the museum has been obscured by dozens of officials. There appeared a makeshift rest area for the Social Democrats, with lattice elements, a huge white canopy, and the splendid chapel behind … Read more

Left campaigning in North Rhine-Westphalia: “Instead of pumping out a Ukraine full of guns for better or for evil”

aWilly Brandt Platz of Wuppertal, Sahra Wagenknecht could have had the impression that the Left Party admired her unreservedly – if not even liked her. There is always applause while she speaks, the audience often nods in approval, and eventually fans ask for selfies and autographs next to the stage. The fact that Wagenknecht is … Read more