Legacy burdens hamper transfers: Schalke pays players long gone

Inheritance burdens hinder transfers Schalke pays players long gone 02/06/2022 11:41 AM Schalke 04 returns to the German Bundesliga. But with big financial problems. The club cannot afford to sign defensive coach Ko Itakura, and further transfers will be difficult. This is also due to the obligations of players who have long stopped playing for … Read more

This is what the solution to the ruble dispute might look like

DrThe struggle between Hungary and the European Union over the oil embargo against Russia continues. Diplomats hope the blockade will be resolved through a special summit at the end of May. By that time, the question of how energy companies will pay for Russian gas without violating EU sanctions must also be resolved. Many companies … Read more

Vienna threatens Gazprom with legal action

HThe largest natural gas storage facilities in the European Union are located on or under Austrian territory. The facility at Haidach near Salzburg is a legal curiosity and a political problem because it is an essential part of the Southern German Strategic Reserve but is inaccessible to the German authorities. German specifications for packing do … Read more

Nord Stream 2: The Climate Foundation’s Shadow Man secret revealed

Germany North Stream 2 The secret of the shadow man was revealed to Gazprom in Schwerin As of 1:57 pm | Reading time: 3 minutes It seems that the main file related to the establishment of the MV Climate Foundation has disappeared How big is Nord Stream 2 AG’s impact on Manuela Schweig and the … Read more

Ukraine: “There is only one club: the national team” – Sports

If all had gone according to his original plans, Oleksandr Petrakov would have stayed elsewhere these days. When the Russian war of aggression began, the Ukrainian national football coach recently reported that he wanted to volunteer for military service. “I am 64 years old but I found it natural to do it. I think I … Read more

Olaf Schultz does not want to travel to Kyiv because Steinmeier has been discharged

Olaf Scholz “Our goal is to end the fighting immediately, for Russia to end the war and withdraw its soldiers from Ukraine,” the chancellor said. (Photo: Reuters) Berlin Chancellor Olaf Schultz does not wish to travel to the capital Kyiv at the moment because the Ukrainian side has not invited President Frank-Walter Steinmeier. “What now?” … Read more

According to reports: Schweig calls for dissolution of Climate Foundation MV | NDR.de – News

Status: 05/05/2022 06:35 AM Controversial core climate and environmental protection MV can be resolved. This is the result of a fatwa issued by the state. If Prime Minister Manuela Schweig (SPD) has what he wants, this must happen now as well. listen to another 1 minute Schweig asked the head of the controversial MV Foundation … Read more