Belgium sends infected people to isolation for 21 days

WPeople infected with monkeypox will have to self-isolate in Belgium for 21 days. The Belgian health authorities decided, on Friday, to limit the spread of the disease, the Belgian news magazine “The Brussels Times” reported. The incubation period should last between five days and three weeks. However, the German Federal Ministry of Health expects an … Read more

The number of spectators is missing in the Bundesliga season

DrARD’s sports show had to accept a sharp drop in viewership this past Bundesliga season. On average, 3.909 million people viewed the abstracts. This is about 17 percent less than the previous season. “Of course, the loss of an average of nearly 900,000 viewers worries us,” ARD sports coordinator Axel Balkowski of the German news … Read more

Travel: Bundesdruckerei must check direct mail for new ID cards

What is the best way to obtain passports and ID cards for citizens? The demand for new documents is currently high. According to the ministry, the Bundesdruckerei is examining the sending of new identity documents directly to citizens. The Federal Ministry of the Interior has asked the Bundesdruckerei GmbH to verify that passports, identity cards … Read more

High costs and an uncertain future: Great demand for energy advice

What do you do in the face of the price explosion of heating oils and natural gas? Which heating system will be the appropriate system in the future? Consumer centers in the Rhineland-Palatinate are currently experiencing an onslaught of unsafe people. Many people in the Rhineland-Palatinate are concerned about rising energy prices and the uncertain … Read more