Football – Crazy Frankfurt Spring before the traditional final – sport

Frankfurt/Main (dpa) – On a magical football night full of unforgettable moments, Eintracht Frankfurt already looked like a European Cup winner. Fans dressed in white stormed the stadium, the adults cried and club president Peter Fischer gave an interview among hundreds of celebrating fans, in which he described everything as “universal”. One thing was missing: … Read more

Summer vacation 2022: what destinations do Germans travel to? – Travel

Nothing is certain in troubled times like these. But the spring of 2022 could go down in the history of the pandemic as the time when freedom of travel and the irrepressible desire to travel returned among Germans. After two long years marked by border closures, testing, quarantine requirements and long entry forms, a spring … Read more

Sibiu Soko talks about Schalke-RWE-Bochum match and his future

Sibiu Socco host Schalke 04 with FC Sandhausen on Friday evening, and RS have spoken with the Bochum native beforehand. Almost synchronous with the rise of a file SV Sandhausen In the second half of the season, the curve begins Sibiu Soko. The Bochum-born 29-year-old struggled with initial difficulties following his move last summer. But … Read more

War – Schultz promises Ukraine more support – Politics

Düsseldorf (DPA) – Chancellor Olaf Scholz (Social Democratic Party) promised Ukraine more support. “We will continue to support Ukraine with money and humanitarian aid, but it must also be said: We will support it so that it can defend itself, by handing over weapons, as many other countries in Europe do,” Schulz said. On Sunday … Read more

Travel: Traffic is again expected to increase significantly on Easter

Due to the Corona crisis, many people have stayed at home around Easter in the past two years. This time around, travelers should be prepared for more traffic. This is likely to happen on the streets as well as at train stations and airports Easter Holiday She is noticeably fuller than she has been in … Read more

NFL coach on Bucs vs Seahawks ‘It’s cool’ Alexander Steinfurth, it’s finally official: The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will meet the Seattle Seahawks in their first NFL game in Germany on November 13 at Allianz Arena, Munich. If you had to describe this situation in one word, what would it be? Alexander Steinforth: “In just one word? That’s really, really hard! But I’ll … Read more

Bavaria holidays 2022 and 2023: dates for school holidays

What are the holidays in Bavaria in the school year 2021/2022 and in the academic year 2022/2023? Here you will find dates for summer holidays, fall holidays, Christmas holidays, spring holidays, Easter holidays, and the holiday of Pentecost. Six times a year, students can Bavaria holidays enjoy. What are school holidays and when are they? … Read more

Longer holidays “nothing but school closures”

Corona policy Longer holidays “nothing but school closures” Updated: 11/30/2021 8:13 PM | Reading time: 3 minutes When will chairs be placed in schools in federal states before Christmas? picture: dpa The controversy is reminiscent of last year: at the time, the longest Christmas holiday was also discussed due to Corona. Given the high number … Read more

What are the risks of infection when traveling?

In the end again. Many Germans thought about this two years after the outbreak of the Corona pandemic. But how dangerous is travel in the presence of virus variants? Germany has largely freed itself from the restrictions of the Corona virus. In most parts of the Federal Republic, only so-called basic protection measures apply. In … Read more