Davos: Habek leaves skepticism and really tough questions for others

HIn green in front of the global business elite? Tachels is certainly the order of the day, as it was three years ago when Greta Thunberg made her first visit to the Swiss Alps. “The house is burning” accused Swedish climate activist participants in the World Economic Forum. Robert Habeck chose a different path, experimenting … Read more

Green Rookie: Robert Habeck, Minister of Reserve

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Energy Transmission: The Misconception of Habic Heat Pump – WELT

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Victory in the NRW: Election after election, the Greens are expanding their power base

Ble 6leueu houueu pel pel Ueupleapvekt lu Zulplkelu-Veplteteu lkle Bltutappelle tullpeleeu nup vle pelellp eO uelaeuaeueu Puuulea lu Pektepvla-Futplelu vlepel elu klplulllekepulpute. lu Beppetpult huOOeu pleOll lu ple Pep GoulapOeekelp. Ple velpeu vukt pelepel eulpekelpeu, up Feupllh Vepl (PBV) Pket pel Beppetpultel Pleelpheuetel ptelpl upel pelu Felenptulpelel IkuOep Gnlpekelv (PBB) lku etp Bealelnuapeket eptopl. 6leueu-Polleeuheuplpellu … Read more

Victory in the NRW: Election after election, the Greens are expanding their power base

DrThe Greens can continue their successful run in the state elections in North Rhine-Westphalia and, like last Sunday in Schleswig-Holstein, achieve a historic result. In Dusseldorf they acted as kingmaker. It is likely that they will decide whether Hendrik Fust (CDU) will remain head of the Chancellery of Dusseldorf or whether his rival Thomas Kochati … Read more

NRW Campaign Protests: ‘You could have been dumped long ago in authoritarian states’

sSome police officers even stand on the outside balcony of Cologne Cathedral, staring into the depths of Runkaliplatz. The area between the cathedral and the museum has been obscured by dozens of officials. There appeared a makeshift rest area for the Social Democrats, with lattice elements, a huge white canopy, and the splendid chapel behind … Read more

Oil and gas: the Bundestag passes a law on the possible expropriation of energy companies

a job Oil and gas supplies The Bundestag passes a law on the possible expropriation of energy companies Status: 12:40 PM | Reading time: 4 minutes Germany ready for Russian energy sanctions According to Federal Economy Minister Robert Habeck, Germany is ready for the sanctions announced by Russia in the energy sector. “We have prepared … Read more

A Visit to Schwedt: Wrath of Robert Habeck

Bleel plup helue aettuaeu klel lu Pekvepl. Bepp ep helu FelOpolet velpeu velpe tel peu Vlllpeketlp- nup GtlOeOlulplel eu pel penlpek-outulpekeu 6leuee, vel pekuu ​​uulkel htel: Blue Zllelpelleluelpe Buek Fepeeh huOOl ulekl lu uulOeteu Nelleu lu ple BPG-Bettluelle, El Onpp enek uuek elhtoleu, velnO plek Benlpekteup elueO BOpelau tel lnpplpekep Qt eupektleQeu vllp, telu Qt … Read more

A visit to Schwedt: outrage at Habeck – “Can you prove that you represent German interests?”

HThere are performances you shouldn’t be too satisfied with: “It could have been higher or more luxurious,” Economy Minister Robert Habeck thanked his audience at the end of question time. After all, eggs did not fly here in Schwed. It was already clear that it would not be a home match for the Minister of … Read more

Oil embargo: Habeck fears fuel shortages in East Germany and Berlin

Germany oil embargo Habeck fears fuel shortages in East Germany and Berlin Status: 11:30 AM | Reading time: 2 minutes EU Commission proposes imposing oil embargo on Russia Companies from Germany and other EU countries should not be allowed to import Russian oil in the future. Specifically, it is planned that after the phase-out phase … Read more