Expensive Vacation: Subsequent Price Increases for Group Tours?

expensive vacation Subsequent price increases for group trips? 05/23/2022, 10:21 AM Vacations during times of high kerosene prices can quickly become more expensive. This also applies to group trips that have already been booked – or is it? It can help to look at the finer details. A family of four wants to travel to … Read more

Even booked flights can be more expensive

May 23, 2022 at 10:15 am Note to vacationers : Booked group trips can get more expensive too Pack your bags and go on a package vacation? But be careful: in some cases, prices can go up in a short time. Photo: dpa-tmn / Frank Rumpenhorst Dusseldorf Vacations during times of high kerosene prices can … Read more

You can travel to these countries without exams

Measures against the coronavirus have been sharply curtailed in almost all countries. Nau.ch summarized the current rules ahead of the summer holidays. The situation with the measures to combat the Corona virus has become internationally confusing. – France Press agency ad The basics in brief If you want to go on vacation in the summer, … Read more

This is how long people wait to get a new passport in Upper Palatinate

Many Germans are currently applying for new passports – this also leads to longer waiting times in the Upper Palatinate. Photo: Fabian Sommer / dpa Mql Aqcjllicclcqicilxljiqq cljiicxlx qlxqlxx cic liclq llcj ciclc Allxlxxqqxliqlc qc clqlc Mlillcälllc. Zqic jlc Dcljcxäxxlj Qiqqqclc xäxxx lic Zclxqjq qqx Mlillcälll qqx. Yciqql Zjqqx, Qcjliclj jlj Qxqjx Zqcljq ljlxäjx, iijqc … Read more

War and Tourism: When Russian Tourists Stay Away from Turkey | DW Travel | DW

War and tourism don’t really go together. When there is a war, the desire to travel usually decreases, above all, of course, in the countries involved in the war. Although Turkey is not involved in the war between Russia and Ukraine, the effects in the tourism sector will be more evident. There are already clear … Read more

Berlin Easter holidays 2022 – you need to know this

Eid dates Berlin Easter holidays 2022 – you need to know this Updated: 07/02/2022 05:30 | Reading time: 6 minutes The Easter holiday 2021 begins in Berlin and Brandenburg in April. picture: Getty Images / Getty Images / Getty The Easter holidays in Berlin and Brandenburg begin in April. All important questions and answers about … Read more

Bavaria Holidays 2022 and Holidays 2023: Next Holiday

What and how many public holidays in Bavaria in 2022 and 2023? When is the next vacation? Here we provide a full overview – also of other special dates. In 2022 and 2023, Bavaria will once again have more public holidays than any other federal state. Here you will find a complete overview so that … Read more

When heroes travel – local news

Heaven laughed at the angels of everyday life. The sun god also gave one and 20 BILD am SONNTAG winners great weather on their round trip from Palma via La Spezia, Civitavecchia (near Rome), Marseille and Barcelona. In this way, the selected champions can truly enjoy their dream vacation in the new AIDAcosma. The group … Read more

Eight Super Ordinary Things You Shouldn’t Do When Traveling

You’ve heard about these classic travel rules from a young age: Always keep an eye on your wallet and passport, better discard shady cheap branded goods, take a critical look at your drinking water and never eat undercooked food in the tropics. But there’s a lot to consider when you’re on the road. For example, … Read more