Football – Is football losing the younger generation as a mass issue? – Sports

Hannover (dpa) – If the people in charge at Manchester City find their way, you will soon be able to experience a home game of the England champions in your living room. As if you live there. As the world’s first football club, City want to copy their stadium in a virtual world, the Metaverse. … Read more

Football – Football Week: Nations League, World Cup Qualifiers, EM Squad – Sports

Berlin (dpa) – The selection of the Masters, cup winners and first division champions, after the end of the season in the major European leagues, is now the focus is now on the national teams once again. Four players await Germany’s selection of national coach Hansi Flick in the Nations League, for Ukraine it is … Read more

Three proposals in the Bundestag: euthanasia must be newly regulated

Three proposals in the Bundestag Euthanasia must be reorganized 05/18/2022 10:24 AM In 2020, the Federal Constitutional Court overturned the euthanasia ban. The proposals for the new regulation are now scheduled to be discussed in the Bundestag. One proposed bill states that assisted suicide should be punished as a matter of principle. But there are … Read more

Revenge after a fatal swimming accident: Messerstecher must be imprisoned for seven years

Revenge after a fatal swimming accident Knife stabbed sentenced to seven years in prison 05/17/2022, 7:31 PM A bathing trip on the Elbe River almost ended in two deaths: because a 15-year-old was drowning, his brother was waiting for his best friend and he stabbed the alleged perpetrator with a knife. The court sends the … Read more

Ice hockey – National ice hockey coach Söderholm: ‘There were some mistakes’ – Sports

Helsinki (dpa) – There is a teaching year behind national ice hockey coach Tony Soderholm. In 2021, the coach missed a medal with the national team at the World Cup in Riga, Germany reached the semi-finals for the first time since 2010. This was followed by the first major setback of his tenure in February … Read more

Love Affair Revealed: Springer Brings Post-Reichelt Regulations

Reveal a love affair? Springer brings post-Reichelt regulations 12/13/2021, 11:03 AM Two months after Julian Reichelt was fired as head of Bild, media group Axel Springer is working to toughen its code of conduct. It’s about personal relationships in the workplace and apparently about when to reveal them to avoid abuse of power as in … Read more

Weather Week in Quick Check: Early Summer Warming Ice Saints

Weather week in a quick check Warm early summer icy saints 05/08/2022 2:22 PM Next week is tough: While Monday is still a cold start with ground frost, Wednesday has already broken the first heat record of the year. There is no sign of Ice Saints. Weather expert Björn Alexander has revealed that the weekend … Read more

A ‘systematic problem’: police violence often goes without consequences

Time and time again, cases pile up as police officers are accused of disproportionate use of force. However, convictions are rare. Experts attribute this to weak investigative powers. right? A man died during a police search in Mannheim on Monday. A video intended to show the incident quickly spread on social networks and caused strong … Read more