The future in the southwest | the jewish general

Friday the 13th: Since this year, positive events have once again been linked to this important date of Jewish life in southern Germany. Because in two cities in Baden, the future was treated with celebration and outstanding participation. The Jewish community of Emmendingen got things started later in the morning: they opened new buildings in … Read more

Anti-Semitism: Muslims agree significantly more than non-Muslims

aAnti-Semitic stereotypes and resentment are more common among Muslims in Germany than the average population. In addition, voters of the AfD agree significantly more with anti-Semitic statements than voters of other parties. These are the results of a representative survey conducted by the Allensbach Institute of Hematology on behalf of the American Jewish Committee (AJC). … Read more

future memory | the jewish general

OFEK’s two young advisors, Maria and Irina, specialize in talking to people, finding strengths, naming them and awakening strengths where there are doubts, reservations and doubts. Maria begins, “So, my greatest strength is empathy!” For Shimon, the greatest strength is stamina. The 37-year-old works and, like nearly 20 other people, participates in the symposium of … Read more

Music is his mother tongue, the Jewish general

Shortly before bed, he usually thinks of the most beautiful melodies. “If I was skilled, I would write it right away,” says Assaf Levitin, author and composer, with a smile. At that moment he definitely thought that he would never forget it again, but the reality was different and the next morning the melody was … Read more