Knowing the City Manager: Futuristic Inner City Shapes Come to Work

Message from 05/17/2022 Written by Catherine Behner Knowledge thrives and fights for an interesting inner city and a lively city for people of all generations. City coach Ole Noss is sure the conditions for this are better than some might think. At the recent Knowledge HFA meeting, he took a look at the past and … Read more

JVA officer removed from service after an affair with a prisoner

Message from 06/16/2020 A female prison officer who has been in love with a female prisoner for several months and sent him several nude pictures of herself is removed from duty. This was decided by the Rhineland-Palatinate Supreme Administrative Court in Koblenz. Icon image District. In December 2017, a mail check at a prison revealed … Read more

Holidays and Public Holidays in NRW 2021/22

When are holidays in NRW in 2021? Photo: Monkey Business Images / Shutterstock It’s never too early for students—and some teachers—to inquire about upcoming holidays and public holidays. But when are the holidays in North Rhine-Westphalia in 2021/2022? Here you will find an overview of all public and school holidays. Contents: German Unity Day: October … Read more

Holidays in NRW 2022: calendar and overview

It’s never too early for students — and some teachers — to inquire about the upcoming vacation. But when are holidays in North Rhine-Westphalia in 2022? Here you will find an overview of all public and school holidays. Contents: New Year’s Eve: January 01, 2022 (Saturday) Good Friday: April 15, 2022 (Friday) Easter: April 17, … Read more

Holidays in Baden-Württemberg 2022: calendar and overview

Once the year begins, many students are already eager for the next vacation. But when will children in Baden-Württemberg have no school in 2022? Here you will find an overview of all public and school holidays. Contents: Overview of public holidays 2022 Overview of school holidays 2022 Holiday calendar 2022: public holidays and school holidays … Read more

When can you travel alone? (all info here)

Going on vacation on your own at 16 or 14 – is it possible? You can find out what applies to children and young people when traveling in the article. Young people want nothing more than independence. But in many aspects of life, minors need their parents’ consent. Boundaries always begin where the permission of … Read more

Summer of Literature in Westerwald: Lenin at Schalke and what would have happened

Message from 05/05/2022 Written by Helmy Tishler-Venter Gregor Sander was a guest at Cinexx in Hachenburg on May 4 as part of the Westerwald Summer of Literature, whose theme is “Ost-Wind.” He presented his book “Lenin Auf Schalke”. Then the movie “What Would Happen” was shown, about which Sander wrote the novel and script. Author … Read more