Anne Will: “Scholes is playing for time. Ukraine does not want to win this war.”

DrThree months have passed since Russian forces invaded Ukraine. Since then, martial law has entered into force in Ukraine, which parliament in Kyiv extended for another 90 days at the weekend. It is clear there that the war will go on for a long time. How successful Ukraine will be in defending itself against Russian … Read more

What will happen to the prisoners of Azov? Putin and “Emma” propaganda

DrThe defenders of Mariupol gave up their resistance. On the orders of Kyiv, the last fighters of the Azov Steel laid down their arms and allowed themselves to capture the invaders. The Azov Brigade held out for weeks in a lost position. The messages that the besieged have sent to the world speak of the … Read more

“I have to stand the anger”: Andrei Melnik in an interview

Updated on 05/19/2022 07:06 Ukrainian Ambassador Andrei Melnik insisted on military support from Germany since the beginning of the war. Many people resent his often undiplomatic words. In an interview with our editors, Melnyk explains why the prospects for joining his country are important — and why he’s hoping Olaf Scholz goes to Kyiv. Ambassador, … Read more

Arms shipments: Ukraine loses patience with Germany

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Olaf Schultz on TV: This statement annoys Friedrich Merz

abroad After the TV appearance ‘Stranger’ – Merz criticizes Schulze’s statement about ‘shooting dates’ in Kyiv As of 4:47 pm | Reading time: 4 minutes Frederic Merz (CDU) went to Kyiv in early May Source: dpa / Efrem Lukatsky You can listen to the WELT podcast here To view embedded content, your revocable consent to … Read more

Consultant at RTL: “It really affected me,” says Schultz, completely unimpressed.

HIt was a bitter day for the SPD, the Monday after the state elections in North Rhine-Westphalia. With 26.7 percent, the party cut in the Rhine and Ruhr, a record value in state elections there — in a negative sense. However, Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) sat in the TV studio on RTL on Monday night, … Read more

Ukraine: “There is only one club: the national team” – Sports

If all had gone according to his original plans, Oleksandr Petrakov would have stayed elsewhere these days. When the Russian war of aggression began, the Ukrainian national football coach recently reported that he wanted to volunteer for military service. “I am 64 years old but I found it natural to do it. I think I … Read more

Crossing the river: the Russian army maneuvers into a trap – and loses almost an entire battalion

BThe Russian army suffered heavy losses while trying to cross a river in eastern Ukraine. As the American media constantly reported, citing satellite images, Russian units came under fire when trying to build a pontoon bridge across the Donets River. According to Forbes, most of the Russian battalion – about 50 armored vehicles and up … Read more

Heavy Weapons for Ukraine: Olaf Scholz’s Double Game

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Barbock on Russian goods: “Forever” without Russian energy – what does that mean?

European Union. “Vup evel tel lOOel” – pel Ievllelt vel uuO uuleuaeaeuaeeu elvep epaepelel. Znu pealuul ple Bepelle epel ple lulelolelluu plepel Vulle. Pepenleu ple vllhtlek, pepp ep ule vlepel Buelaletletelnuaeu enp Bnppteup ueek Benlpekteup aepeu vllp? 6ltl pep ael tel leatleke Bukplutttletelnua? Ptpu enek tel Petleue Blpeu? 6ltl ep tel ple Benel pep Glleaep … Read more