Sixty and the lavish non-ascension party

Munich When lions celebrate the ascent… The tip on the western curve, VIP-Alm and Mallorca Fans chanted “Kolner on the fence” at the western bend, and players treated a lion tamer to a beer shower. It was a great party that the Giesingers started with a 6:3 scene against Borussia Dortmund II, later continued at … Read more

This is the best time to book a cheap vacation

RTL> Jan 19 2022-9:29 AM hour Not in the mood for the cold season yet? It’s been a short summer and autumn has already arrived. However, it’s possible to escape the changing of the seasons again: we’ve researched and show you where to find travel and summer bargains again. What is the best time to … Read more

Corona and the holiday: What to consider when traveling in 2022

holidays Vacation despite Corona: Is it worth booking early when traveling? Updated: 01/23/2022, 18:16 | Reading time: 6 minutes Austria and Switzerland: These rules apply to ski holidays Austria and Switzerland – These rules apply to ski holidays Ski holidays are currently still possible in Austria and Switzerland. But winter vacationers have to take into … Read more