Are mid-size companies losing out on the future?, Trend Consulting GmbH press release

In a survey of corporate heads, The Alternative Board (TAB) looks for topics of interest to entrepreneurs from small and medium-sized businesses. Critical examination of the findings underscores the value of the exchange on the Entrepreneur Councils. What are the most important issues for business leaders of medium-sized companies in the next six months? How … Read more

Shaping the future together: How does a dream become a reality? / Where there is between …

05/04/2022 – 11:00 Nuremberg Institute for Market Decisions eV Nuremberg / St. Galen Humanity faces major challenges in shaping the future, the effects of which will particularly affect the younger generations. However, today’s top managers are skeptical that the next generation really wants to take on political and economic responsibility. Young senior talent sees things … Read more