Mariupol in ruins after weeks of fighting

May 22, 2022 at 1:33 pm despair and fatalism : Mariupol is in ruins after weeks of fighting – people hardly see the future Severely damaged private homes are seen on the shore of the Azov Sea in Mariupol, a government district of Donetsk People’s Republic in eastern Ukraine. Photo: dpa / Alexei Alexandrov Mariupol … Read more

Ivy – Die Kulturrundschau from May 21, 2022 | Documentary Mariupolis 2 directed by Mantas Kvedaravičius in Cannes – Ruangrupa and racism in Indonesia – Katja Petrowskaja – Djaimilia Pereira de Almeida

Shirley Jaffe, All Together, 1995. Photo: Pompidou Center at FAZ Ulf Erdmann Ziegler warmly recommends a visit to the Center Pompidou, which houses “the last post-war American artist in Paris”, Shirley JaffeBrick as he writes. She stayed in her tiny Parisian apartment until her death in 2016, stacking unsold paintings in a closet: “The exhibition … Read more

Ukraine’s modernization: Soldiers evacuated from the Azov steel plant | Current Europe | DW

The basics in a nutshell: 264 Ukrainian soldiers evacuated from the Azov Steel Plant Zelensky: “Ukraine needs its heroes from Mariupol alive” Schultz rules out “imposed peace” with Russia EU approves more money for arms deliveries to Ukraine No EU agreement to ban oil imports from Russia In Mariupol, after weeks of siege, Ukrainian fighters … Read more

War Day Glance: Ukraine announces halt to eastern offensive – Shultz no longer wants to travel to Kyiv

Glimpse of war day Ukraine announces halt to eastern offensive – Schulze does not want to travel to Kyiv anymore May 16, 2022 at 9:33 pm According to the Ukrainian army, the Russian Donbass offensive has come to a complete standstill. Ukraine has not yet confirmed the alleged rescue of wounded soldiers from the Azov … Read more

Ukraine update: G7 wants to ‘never accept’ new borders | Current Europe | DW

The basics in a nutshell: The G7 insists on the territorial integrity of Ukraine Schultz: Putin has not achieved any of his war goals Zelensky calls for more pressure on Russia Barbuk confirms his solidarity with Ukraine Turkey opposes NATO expansion The seven major industrial countries of the West have given assurances that they will … Read more

Crossing the river: the Russian army maneuvers into a trap – and loses almost an entire battalion

BThe Russian army suffered heavy losses while trying to cross a river in eastern Ukraine. As the American media constantly reported, citing satellite images, Russian units came under fire when trying to build a pontoon bridge across the Donets River. According to Forbes, most of the Russian battalion – about 50 armored vehicles and up … Read more

Black Sea: London says Ukrainian drone strikes prevent Russian attacks

meAccording to the British findings, the Ukrainian drone strikes have so far prevented the Russian forces from gaining control of the Black Sea. Russia always tries to focus its forces on strategically important areas Snake Island Near the port city of Odessa To strengthen, the Ministry of Defense in London said on Wednesday, citing British … Read more

Ukraine announces territorial gains around Kharkiv in the northeast

DrThe Ukrainian armed forces seized lands around the second largest city Kharkiv reported in the east of the country. “The occupiers are being gradually removed from Kharkiv,” President Volodymyr Zelensky said in a video message on Wednesday evening. “The villages of Cherkasy Tishki, Russky Tishki, Robyshny and Bayrak have been liberated,” the Ukrainian General Staff … Read more

War Day Glance: Moscow Sees Itself About to Be Targeted in Luhansk – Barbuk Sets an Example in Ukraine

Glimpse of war day Moscow sees itself on the verge of achieving the goal in Luhansk – Berbuk is an example in Ukraine 10/05-2022 9:23 PM Shocked during her visit to Bucha, Germany’s foreign minister, Annallina Barbock, declared that the victims of the atrocities owed her to the perpetrators. But the visit of President Silinsky … Read more

War Day Glance: Russians Defeat Pupasna – G7 Countries Agree on Oil Embargo

The commemoration of the end of World War II is marked by heavy fighting around Snake Island and in eastern Ukraine. Here the Russians mention the successful capture of Popasna. Justin Trudeau and First Lady Jill Biden spontaneously travel to Kyiv, while Putin is confident of victory. Meanwhile, the G7 countries agree to boycott Russian … Read more