TSV 1860 Squad in AZ Check: Where Still Needs to Work?

Munich – After three missed promotions in a row, the goal at TSV 1860 for the upcoming season was clear: promotion must finally come! Coach Michael Kollner is the one who openly announced this goal. In the past few weeks, the man from Upper Palatinate has reiterated several times that he wants a team for … Read more

Michael Kollner leaves his future in TSV 1860 open – Athlete

You know it well enough from the guys, but with a coach, it’s another thing again, climbing the fence at the fans block. And will Michael Kollner put himself at risk of injury, celebrate with fans and shout things at them over the megaphone that fans would like to hear if he never saw any … Read more

Simply Third Class: In the end, everyone played 1860 – not just 1860

They wanted to be party breakers, but in the end they were just sparring partners: During 1. The frantic FC Magdeburg Championship celebrations, Löwen’s last dreams of climbing were shattered. TSV 1860: Defeat increased as the game progressed “I think we saw a worthy master,” 1860 Michael Kollner had to admit after the 4-0 defeat … Read more