New Outlook: Microsoft starts open beta – this is what it looks like

Only a few days ago, interested users were able to get an initial glimpse of the new and unified Outlook. Microsoft is now slowly beginning to open this up to external testers as well – currently only a very limited group are getting in. The new Outlook was developed under the codename Monarch and should … Read more

Facebook and Microsoft: The Tale of the Metaverse – Economy

It is a dilemma facing the titans of the West Coast of the United States. Facebook, Microsoft, and many other investors all have incredible amounts of capital. But they have nothing to offer people that makes them look for their smartphone. In general, it still looks the same as it was in 2010. Huge virtual … Read more

Microsoft reminds users of the end of support for Windows 10 1909 & 20H2

Microsoft states that support for Windows 10 version 1909 and version 20H2 has expired. Coming in May, these versions of Windows will not receive any (normal) security or quality updates, and this applies to all versions. With a new entry in the Windows Message Center, Microsoft has once again officially confirmed the end of support … Read more

Visual Studio Code: updated editor with fine-tuning and new extensions

With the April 2022 release, developers at Microsoft have introduced a whole bunch of new updates to the free source text editor Visual Studio Code (VS Code). There have also been innovations in Python extensions for the editor to report. Here, the development team highlighted that they are working on splitting the tool support provided … Read more

Make money in the Metaverse? This is what Apple, Amazon, Google and Co. are planning.

The metaverse remains as intangible as a virtual object from the real world, and expert opinions range from an exaggerated bubble of hype to the direction of the digital future par excellence. The idea is now better known, at the latest thanks to Facebook’s rebranding to Meta and the company’s corresponding plans. Metaverse aims to … Read more