G7 Summit: Sutterlin Walk honors police work | NDR.de – News

As of 05/13/2022 6:19 PM Police officers from all over Germany do their duty at the G7 foreign ministers’ talks at Weissenhaus on the Baltic Sea. Schleswig-Holstein Interior Minister Sabine Sutterlin Wach (CDU) is very satisfied with this work. The deployment at the G7 summit on the Baltic Sea coast is not the largest in … Read more

G7 summit: Police declare no accidents | NDR.de – News

Status: 05/12/2022 9:10 PM G7 foreign ministers’ talks began at Weissenhaus on the Baltic Sea on Thursday. Police officers from all over Germany are on duty until Saturday. The historic Schlossgut Weissenhaus in East Holstein Wangels, better known as a luxury hotel complex, has been the scene of global politics since Thursday. The foreign ministers … Read more

G7 meeting in Schleswig-Holstein: Weißenhaus closes itself regional

From Thursday, the foreign ministers of the seven major industrialized nations will meet in the Baltic Sea. The most important topic remains the war in Ukraine, as well as talks about the accession of the war-torn country to the European Union. Foreign Minister Annalina Barbuk, 41, Al-Khidr, had previously made it clear that there was … Read more