24-hour analysis of the Nürburgring 2022: the fight for survival

For the first time since 2019, fans were allowed to camp around the racetrack for the 24 Hours of the Nürburgring. And they weren’t disappointed. Because the Eiffel classic once again wrote crazy stories. We review the defining moments and explain the background. Who is responsible for the Vanthoor vs. Vanthoor? Maybe it was the … Read more

Fans report the Nürburgring 24 Hours 2022 | Car engine and sports

Fans at the Nürburgring celebrate the 24 Hours of Racing for the first time since 2019. For an entire week they have turned Nordschleife into the crazy home of motorsport. The most creative fans can be found camping around the ring. The sounds of Bavarian folk music are heard from the speakers at the Schwalbenschwanz … Read more

Live tape of the Nürburgring 24 hour race 2022 | Car engine and sports

10:06 PM The TF Sport Aston Martin Vantage GT3 (#90) continues to set the tone after six hours. Driver Marco Sorensen is confident after his stint: “We are definitely fighting for victory. We can only complain about the little things.” The Rowe-BMW (#98) is still behind the Aston Martin, which is currently driven by Marco … Read more

24 Hours of Nurburgring Qualifying: Ferrari Pole | Car engine and sports

Ferrari is one of the underdogs in the 24 Hours of Nurburgring. But Octane126 managed to take first place ahead of BMW with Luca Ludwig. Two Audis reached the top five. The best Mercedes-AMG car took eighth place, and the fastest Porsche car was only ninth. The 50th edition of the 24-hour race has already … Read more

Interview with Indy 500 winner Simon Pagenaud | Car engine and sports

IndyCar star Simon Pagenaud in an interview Grosjean and I are very different. In Europe, the cliché continues that oval races are just “leading in a circle.” How do you respond as the winner of the world’s most famous elliptical race? Baginud: When I came to America, I dreamed of winning the IndyCar and Indy … Read more

Preview of the 24-hour race at the Nürburgring | Car engine and sports

You should not miss the 50th edition of the 24-hour race. Without the restrictions of Corona, fans are making it what it is again: a crazy spectacle. 138 Beginners Anniversary. Telephone booths have been converted into bathrooms, smoking barbecues, and garden fences made of bottle caps. As fans pitched their camp tents, the Nürburgring 24-hour … Read more