Ecodystopia “Soylent Green” – Predictions of a catastrophe in 2022

“New York City in 2022. Nothing Goes Anymore.” Nothing works. Richard Fleischer’s film Soylent Green says in the United States: It will be shown in cinemas in 1973, but will be held in 2022. Directors and writers paint a picture of the end of the world today. Dirt, pollution, overpopulation – the end seems near. … Read more

Kills a child with a blow, a fatal blow kills children

Photo: © 2021 Focus Features, LLC Kills a child with a blow, a fatal blow kills children Orgy Violence Bloodthirsty Unemployed Longing for Primal Clarity A man (men) avoids women and prefers to kill Read on the page Father, mother, murderer: Robert Eggers’ “The Northman” slashes its way across the screen in a primitive and … Read more

Cannes 2022: joint films from North Germany at the festival | – Culture – Film

Status: 11/05/2022 1:52 PM Three North German co-productions entered the competition at the Cannes Film Festival. The festival has now registered films, including “Plus que jamais” by German director Emily Atef. by Patricia Battle Vicki Krebs (“The Silken Thread”) starred alongside deceased Frenchman Gaspar Ulliel in German director Emily Atif’s “Plus que jamais” (“More than … Read more

The future of work in new documentaries: After work – culture

“You see, wherever you look, only vanity is on the ground. What this day builds, that tomorrow rips apart.” With the famous poem by Andreas Griffius – from 1637! – He begins a documentary about the change in work, which was observed in the former motor cities of Bochum and Detroit. The directors allowed the … Read more

“I was overwhelmed by the beautiful landscapes of Cornwall”

May 9, 2022 at 11:19 pm Interview : “I was overwhelmed by the beautiful landscapes of Cornwall” “Lovebirds” Amanda (Eva Nurnberg) and Zach (Tobias Schaeffer) in the new TV movie “Love is Unpredictable.” Photo: ZDF/Jon Ailes Cologne Next Sunday, May 15th, at 8:15pm, ZDF will be showing a new film by Rosamunde Pilcher, “Love is … Read more