What is the mathematical line of government?

ySomeone commented on sports: Böhm 2.0. The expulsion of the woman, who stood on the government side between sports organizations and the €300m in first-class sports funding, is reminiscent of the sports-politics scandal four years ago: sports officials are tired of the ministry’s scrutiny of them. Plans, their spending and, above all, their effectiveness to … Read more

Piate Lohmann should retire

DrThe management of the sports department of the Federal Ministry of the Interior is developing into an expulsion seat. On Tuesday, Interior Minister Nancy Visser decided to refer Ministerial Director Piate Lohmann to early retirement. This was confirmed to FAZ by a reliable source. Le Mans succeeded Gerhard Bohm four years ago. Previously, she headed … Read more

Sexism allegations against Feldman: SPD calls for immediate resignation

sBoth the government and the opposition in the Frankfurt City Parliament are unanimously calling for the immediate resignation of Mayor Lord Peter Feldman. If he does not comply, he is threatened with an out vote. On Monday, his party, the Social Democrats, implored Feldman to “make the welfare of the city the guiding principle of … Read more

Lambrecht: “I will do the job” – no transfer to the Ministry of the Interior

Germany defense minister ‘It will get the job done’ – Lambrecht rules out moving to Interior Ministry Status: 09:43 AM | Reading time: 3 minutes “The Federal Minister of Defense was primarily concerned with self-defense” Arms deliveries to Ukraine continue to stir controversy in the Bundestag. Thorsten Frey, Parliamentary Director of the Union faction, is … Read more

Public Service: Check out right-wing extremists? Wesser’s plan encounters stiff resistance

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Public Service: Check out right-wing extremists? Wesser’s plan encounters stiff resistance

meIn the years from 2018 to 2021, more suspected cases of right-wing extremism were registered in the federal and state police authorities, customs, the Bundeswehr and the Federal Intelligence Service than in the previous survey period. According to the current status report of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, investigations have begun … Read more

Supplies for the worst-case scenario: “We are not optimally prepared”

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