Farewell to football: When Fuller’s wife, Tanti Kate, was appointed coach of the national team

Farewell to football When Fuller’s wife, “Aunt Cathy,” was appointed coach of the national team By Ben Rillings 05/14/2022 06:33 AM After nearly thirty years at Bayer Leverkusen, Rudi Voller retired from football. The man they call “Tanti Katie” as a player gives Bayer a new face after the departure of Rainer Callmond. But the … Read more

How far does sport lag when it comes to human rights

“Sports are often seen as a social good,” says Marie Harvey, referring to the public’s support for it. “But in order to maintain this license, the sport has to take responsibility.” The former US soccer goalkeeper summed up what experts wrote to the Bundestag Commission on Human Rights at a public hearing on the topic … Read more

Munich, Stuttgart, Frankfurt: Germany plays at home in the south

Munich, Stuttgart, Frankfurt Germany plays at home in the Middle East in the south Written by Kevin Schulte 11/05/2022 8:04 PM The 2024 European Football Championship starts just like the 2006 World Cup in Munich. Then, the path through the tournament is different for the German team: Flick’s team spends the group stage in the … Read more