How Urbach wants to better protect nature in the future with the Network of Biospheres – Urbach

Roads cutting off valuable habitats, nature’s extensive use of forests, and ever-expanding settlements: there are many causes that contribute to the severe extinction of species we are currently witnessing. Thanks to a generous funding programme, the municipality of Auerbach now wants to take countermeasures and has commissioned a specialized office to draw up a plan … Read more

State elections in North Rhine-Westphalia: Greens as kingmakers – Lang makes first demands

Germany Elections in North Rhine-Westphalia The Greens as Kingmakers – Party Leader Lang puts forward the first demands Status: 8:09 PM | Reading time: 3 minutes “Now begins the struggle to interpret the will of the electorate” The CDU, led by Prime Minister Hendrik Fust, became the strongest force in elections in North Rhine-Westphalia. According … Read more

New summer drought: crops may fail in eastern Germany

Germany New summer drought In East Germany, crops may fail and fires may occur Status: 5:18 PM | Reading time: 4 minutes Source: Daniel Kupersky/Image Alliance; Drought Monitoring at the UFZ / Helmholtz Center for Environmental Research, Installation: WELT Infographic Due to the lack of precipitation, especially in March, there are vast dry areas in … Read more