Severe weather in NRW: DWD forecasts ‘severe to severe thunderstorms’

a meal. The German Weather Service issues official severe weather warnings for parts of the NRW. The possibility of severe thunderstorms, hail and heavy rain. As of Friday afternoon, the lower NRW “Emelende” region will hit “sometimes very severe to severe thunderstorms,” ​​according to the German Weather Service. Extremely heavy rain, hail and hurricanes are … Read more

Go on vacation with a nine-euro ticket from Oberhausen

Oberhausen. Traveling from Oberhausen to Mainz in three and a half hours at no extra cost? The nine-euro ticket makes it possible from June. The most important information. Bn 34 / Nbj 3133 tubsufu ejf Efvutdif Cbio bvdi jo Pcfsibvtfo = b isfgµ # iuuqt; 00xxx /os{/ /xb{/ef#? efo Wfslbvg eft Ofvo.Fvsp.Ujdlfut = 0b? / … Read more

Skilled worker shortage: Hotels in NRW offer four-day week

On the Rhine and the Ruhr. In Düsseldorf and Wesel, working hours will be reduced with the salary remaining the same. In Belgium, a completely different model was adopted. Fstuf = tuspoh? Ipufmt = 0tuspoh? bo = tuspoh? Sifjo = 0tuspoh? voe = tuspoh? Svis = 0tuspoh? tfu {fo bvg ejf = tuspoh? Wjfs.Ubhf.Xpdif = … Read more

Longer holidays: the school minister wants to make up for the loss

Dusseldorf. The state of North Rhine-Westphalia has decided to extend the Christmas holidays due to the pandemic. The carnival holiday can be canceled for this. who – which North Rhine-Westphalia he have Christmas holiday Officially extended this year: Students say goodbye during DCorona pandemic So two days earlier than originally planned for the holidays. This … Read more

Knowing the City Manager: Futuristic Inner City Shapes Come to Work

Message from 05/17/2022 Written by Catherine Behner Knowledge thrives and fights for an interesting inner city and a lively city for people of all generations. City coach Ole Noss is sure the conditions for this are better than some might think. At the recent Knowledge HFA meeting, he took a look at the past and … Read more

The season has opened: this is how the bathing lakes in the Wesel region do

Wesel district. At the beginning of the bathing season, Lanuv provides information on the quality of bathing lakes in accordance with EU guidelines. Which lakes in the Wesel region belong to. Ejf wfshbohfofo Ubhf ibcfo cfsfjut fjofo Wpshftdinbdl bvg ejf Tpnnfsnpobuf hfhfcfo/ Xfoo ft cftpoefst ifjà xjse- tpshu efs Tqsvoh jot lbmuf Obtt gýs Bclýimvoh/ … Read more

Summary of the opening episode of the new “Bosch” follow-up series –

At the start of “Bosch: Legacy” – again with Mimi Rogers as powerful attorney Honey Chandler and Madison Lintz as Bosch Maddie’s daughter – the last episode of the previous series is reviewed again, with all the new series directly linked to the dramatic events of the Bosch series ending at (More on this in … Read more

State elections 2022 NRW: Essen county results

a meal. Who should govern NRW’s state in the future was voted on in state elections. How the people of Essen voted across the city. On Sunday, May 15, 2022, the citizens of North Rhine-Westphalia decided who should govern the state for the next five years. Essen residents also voted in a total of four … Read more

Jungfrau Zeitung – Problematic relationship

Sports and politics | 12 May 2022 Sport should be apolitical. This is what many people ask, think, or wish for. At the same time, everyone knows that sports and politics cannot be separated. At the Olympic Museum of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in Lausanne it is all about sport – the question that … Read more

A village with a future: Altenkleusheim is very beautiful

Altinkleusheim. The county jury is currently on its way to taking a closer look at the 18 winners of the city and town competitions. I understand the villages. It has been many years since village competition It was organized under the slogan “Our village should be more beautiful”. But it has long been said that … Read more