Marte Meo – For a good relationship with the child

Hamlin Bermon. In teacher circles, “Marte Meo” has long been a well-known way of thinking about one’s dealings with children. Meanwhile, it is also used in nursing homes, psychiatric hospitals, and human resource departments. Marte Meo Developed by Maria Aarts – Explains what’s important. When everyone returns to work on Monday, May 9, many teachers … Read more

“Weg vo Bronschhofe”: only Cervelat and Zweifel chips are sometimes missing

In the series “Weg vo …” we present the people who lived in the area and left it for various reasons, in a certain order. They tell us what they missed about the new place – and what they like best there. Today: Felix Gwaweler moved from Brunshofen to Bangkok. During the holidays, the … Read more

An open day at the Schweizer School in Koestheim

An open day at the Schweizer School in Koestheim Please disable your ad blocker Your ad blocker is currently enabled. To access the news portal and see the content, you have the following two options: Disable ad blocker Disable the ad blocker or set an exception rule for this site. or Get a PUR subscription … Read more

Burbach and Neunkirchen: it’s summer now for outdoor pools

Burbach/Neunkirchen. The season begins – this is what summer will look like in the outdoor pools of Burbach and Neunkirchen. The outdoor pool season begins in southern Siegerland. It all started in Burbach on May 1, and Neunkirchen will follow next weekend. Burbach: Swimming courses are required With an open day, new tenants Gisela, Holger … Read more

Music is his mother tongue, the Jewish general

Shortly before bed, he usually thinks of the most beautiful melodies. “If I was skilled, I would write it right away,” says Assaf Levitin, author and composer, with a smile. At that moment he definitely thought that he would never forget it again, but the reality was different and the next morning the melody was … Read more

VDA Technical Conference 2022: The Future of Urban Mobility – VDA – Association of the Automotive Industry, Ride Assembly, Autonomous Driving (Road Traffic) | news | transmit vision

Opened by Dr. Tobias Miethaner, Head of Digital Society at BMDV. He hopes to end the traffic jams in Munich and Stuttgart, where they stand in vain for up to 60 hours a year, and is happy that there are so many new approaches in terms of ride pooling and logistics, that autonomy is increasingly … Read more

The future of the snake farm in Schladen is uncertain

Reptile Zoo in Fore Harz The future of the snake farm in Schladen is uncertain 03/16/2022, 21:46 | Reading time: 3 minutes View of the snake farm showroom. Tens of thousands of people have visited them. However, the company is getting old. The Reptile Zoo is not currently allowed to open to visitors. Photo: Maria … Read more