The Skywalker saga is with you • Nintendo Connect

LEGO publishes toys of famous and well-known brands for many years, which appear in the form of building blocks. In addition to Jurassic Park, Marvel, Harry Potter, and Indiana Jones, this naturally included the Star Wars series. Now, however, LEGO and Traveler Tales have teamed up to create the definitive LEGO Star Wars experience, and … Read more

Rabbids: Party of Legends – Ubisoft releases more details on the party game – The Tower

Just a few days ago, Ubisoft announced what was previously only available in China Rapids: Party of Legends Those wishing to publish in the West also. The game is for the Nintendo Switch, among other things 06/30/2022 Appears. The address is party game With Rabbids known since the Wii era with more than 50 different … Read more

Digital Sunbreak Event Reveals Lots of New Content • Nintendo Connect

A new console for the Nintendo Switch Pro has been announced. Much more important to you will probably be the many other information from today’s digital event. Known as “The Thousand Blades Wyvern”, the Flying Wyvern Sirius makes a triumphant comeback in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. This incredibly territorial enemy is known for its swift … Read more

Ultimate Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Pictures of the week by Masahiro Sakurai (KW 18/2022) – North Atlantic Tower

It’s Sunday so it’s time to focus on it again Pictures of the week by Masahiro Sakurai to Super Smash Bros. to judge. last week (week 17) A narrow race emerged, in which the following photo managed to get the most votes: Content from external sites will not be automatically downloaded and displayed without your … Read more