Ann Will’s Ukraine War: Bad Doubt Against Olaf Schultz – Politics

Putin wants to bomb Stone Age Ukraine, kill and rape his troops, but whenever there is hope for help, our skeptics trample on it. Ann Will asks: “Bigger NATO, more weapons – the right answer to Putin’s war?” Guests Michael Roth (51, SPD). The foreign policy expert was one of the first to travel to … Read more

Difficult visit for Schultz: Emir of Qatar brings gas and demands respect

Challenging visit to Schulze Emir of Qatar brings gas and demands respect May 20 2022, 7:14 pm Since Germany wanted to dispense with Russian gas as quickly as possible, Qatar rose to become one of the most important partner countries. Now the prince is visiting the Federal Chancellor. He has to answer uncomfortable questions about … Read more

Maybrit Eliner: ‘We’ll have to help finance the reconstruction of Ukraine anyway’

HUkraine’s accession to the European Union, arms shipments, the course of the war – these were the main themes of Maybrit Illner. Military expert Gustav Gressel, who accused the chancellor of “meeting” in his speech in the Bundestag on Thursday, found the words clear at first. Olaf Schultz has always stayed out of the limelight … Read more

Ex-Chancellor: Against EU sanctions – why Olaf Schulz is holding hands on Gerhard Schroeder

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Historian Christopher Clark says: “Putin is not Hitler.”

Germany Christopher Clark Putin is not Hitler Status: 11:19 am | Reading time: 4 minutes Christopher Clark is one of the world’s most famous historians Source: Oliver Berg / D You can listen to the WELT podcast here To view embedded content, your revocable consent to the transfer and processing of personal data is required, … Read more

Christopher Clark praises Olaf Schultz: ‘I think that hesitation is absolutely correct’

Germany German Ukraine policy Historian Christopher Clark praises “Olaf Schultz hit the right tune” As of 10:53 a.m. | Reading time: 3 minutes Christopher Clark is one of the world’s most famous historians Source: Oliver Berg / D You can listen to the WELT podcast here To view embedded content, your revocable consent to the … Read more

Myers Attacks Schultz: A Government Statement on the Ukraine War

Olaf Schulz is a big fan of repeating things so everyone has to understand them. He even won the election, at least he thinks so. On Thursday in the Bundestag, the chancellor more or less repeated what he had already said about the Ukraine war. For example: “Russia must not win this war, and Ukraine … Read more

Schulz: “There will be no peace for granted because the Ukrainians do not accept it and neither do we”

Germany Government statement from Olaf Schultz “There will be no imposed peace because the Ukrainians will not accept it and neither will we.” Status: 11:09 am | Reading time: 3 minutes “Helping a country under brutal attack is not an escalation.” Chancellor Olaf Schultz defended the delivery of heavy weapons to Ukraine against criticism from … Read more

“I have to stand the anger”: Andrei Melnik in an interview

Updated on 05/19/2022 07:06 Ukrainian Ambassador Andrei Melnik insisted on military support from Germany since the beginning of the war. Many people resent his often undiplomatic words. In an interview with our editors, Melnyk explains why the prospects for joining his country are important — and why he’s hoping Olaf Scholz goes to Kyiv. Ambassador, … Read more

After the phone call, Chancellor Schultz sees no change in Putin’s position

Updated on 05/14/2022 at 09:40 After his phone call with Vladimir Putin, Chancellor Olaf Schultz stated that he had not yet noticed any change in the position of the Russian ruler. However, Schultz made it clear that there would be no peace dictated by Russia. The chancellor also got into fanfare after the defense committee … Read more