The chancellor doesn’t just want to go to Kyiv to take a picture

DrThe Federal Chancellor does not want to travel to Kyiv just to take a “photo”. RTL’s Olaf Schultz said it should be “based on the fact that something is specifically being promoted, and it doesn’t have to be just a photo session”. He won’t join a group of people doing something for a quick in … Read more

Olaf Schultz on TV: This statement annoys Friedrich Merz

abroad After the TV appearance ‘Stranger’ – Merz criticizes Schulze’s statement about ‘shooting dates’ in Kyiv As of 4:47 pm | Reading time: 4 minutes Frederic Merz (CDU) went to Kyiv in early May Source: dpa / Efrem Lukatsky You can listen to the WELT podcast here To view embedded content, your revocable consent to … Read more

Consultant at RTL: “It really affected me,” says Schultz, completely unimpressed.

HIt was a bitter day for the SPD, the Monday after the state elections in North Rhine-Westphalia. With 26.7 percent, the party cut in the Rhine and Ruhr, a record value in state elections there — in a negative sense. However, Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) sat in the TV studio on RTL on Monday night, … Read more

What is Germany’s entry into the war?

sSince the beginning of the war in Ukraine, international law has finally got rid of its reputation as an orchid. In legal education, it still does not play the role it deserves. But now, not only in the Bundestag, but also on talk shows and on kitchen tables, the point at which military support for … Read more

Heavy losses for the FDP

FThings weren’t good for the FDP in the weeks leading up to the elections in North Rhine-Westphalia, but they are reasonably certain: they will likely return to the state parliament, but with a score well below 12 percent than in the previous election. . Early on Sunday afternoon, the result is still like this election, … Read more

Sweet Heart Stories with Christian Lindner

FYou often have to make special sacrifices for the sake of your career. Christian Lindner, who reportedly wanted to marry his fiancée, TV journalist Franca Lehfeldt, in Tuscany this summer, needs to know. Now the festival has been canceled because, how colorful It states that “personal protection in Italy would have been very difficult and … Read more

Loss of approval for Mardier: Nebel accuses chancellor of delaying arms deliveries

Mardier approval is missing Nebel accuses chancellor of delaying arms deliveries 05/15/2022, 02:40 AM In two to three weeks, the arms company Rheinmetall can deliver the first Marder armored personnel carriers to Ukraine – only the approval of the Chancellery is missing. The former minister and adviser to Rheinmetall Nebel is suspicious of procrastination and … Read more

Russian hackers attack the websites of German authorities, ministries and politicians

a crime Because of the handover of weapons Russian hackers attack the websites of German authorities, ministries and politicians Status: 02:11 AM | Reading time: 2 minutes Germany supplies Ukraine self-propelled howitzers from maintenance Ukraine will be equipped with a total of twelve self-propelled howitzers of the latest model in order to be able to … Read more

Alice Schwarzer on the Ukraine War: An “illusion” that Ukraine will defeat Russia

Germany Alice Schwarzer “You’re driving your tank toward disaster at full speed.” Status: 3:14 pm | Reading time: 2 minutes “Alice Schwarzer with Dieter Noehr – Peaceful Frontiers Don’t Extend Between Left and Right” Columnist Jan Fleischhauer “didn’t expect such a big approval for arms deliveries to Ukraine from a party like the Greens.” He … Read more

Andrei Melnik does not want to apologize to Olaf Schultz

DrUkrainian Ambassador Andrei Melnik sees no reason to apologize after his attack on Chancellor Olaf Schultz. “It’s not about apologizing, it’s about setting the right policy these days,” he told Deutschlandfunk on Friday morning. “It’s not about whether you feel offended or not, it’s about whether you will help us not lose in this war … Read more