Joleen Beer and Svenja Huth live in diversity – in sports and in the private sector | – Sports

Status: 06/02/2022 11:32 AM Both Jolyn Beer and Svenja Huth have successfully played both Olympic shooters and national football players. For them, diversity isn’t just a buzzword. Both athletes are openly eccentric. Huth married her partner before EM. The fourth part of a sports series on for Diversity Day. by Andreas Bellinger Both are … Read more

Athlete Burgardt in the Run: It’s Floating on a Cloud – Sports

On her first day at her old job, track and field athlete Alexandra Burghart faced various official duties. And the 28-year-old did so patiently and with a smile, as if she had not waited for anything else for weeks: she passed the Munich Rain 100 meters at the Ludwig Jall Sports Festival in 11.38 seconds. … Read more

Dance – breakdance at the Paris Olympics causes criticism – sports

BERLIN / PARIS (dpa) – In a concrete oasis, six men from the Street Beats dance troupe gather in a circle at a youth club in Berlin-Lichtenburg. With their baggy pants and shirts, hats, and bandanas, they look like the heroes of well-known American dance movies. They lend their “moves” to funk and other hip-hop … Read more

Sex Before Competition: These Sports Stars Swear By It – Athletic Blend

Every year, it all happens at the Olympics! and among athletes. On the track, on the mat, in the track and – in bed! Yes, no joke. Being part of the games is by no means everything – an old legend anyway. Because in the Olympics, when the stress on athletes drops after years of … Read more