New data shows how retailers are meeting consumer expectations for the Metaverse,…

05/12/2022 – 09:44 Products Up GmbH Berlin (OTS) Productsup study: Consumers want more product information when shopping in the analog, digital, and virtual worlds. In the Metaverse, humans become part of the Internet. This also opens up entirely new opportunities for businesses. In order not to disappoint consumers’ expectations about trading in the Metaverse, companies … Read more

Freight Forwarders: These are the topics of the future

What will transport freight forwarders in the future? The trade magazine Trans aktuell has published in its annual edition 30 companies inquired about their huge topics. here they are. 05/10/2022 Matthew Rathman If you ask mid-size freight forwarder managing directors about future topics, a clear picture emerges: For more than half of them, it’s about … Read more

Are mid-size companies losing out on the future?, Trend Consulting GmbH press release

In a survey of corporate heads, The Alternative Board (TAB) looks for topics of interest to entrepreneurs from small and medium-sized businesses. Critical examination of the findings underscores the value of the exchange on the Entrepreneur Councils. What are the most important issues for business leaders of medium-sized companies in the next six months? How … Read more