Do you? Couple therapists explain how the partnership lasts forever

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When is a relationship toxic? Signs, consequences and risks

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Relationship: How to Overcome Lies and Cheating After Infidelity

Negative emotions can be so intense that we tend to push them aside. But that would be a mistake: we don’t learn to deal with what we have experienced in this way. At some point feelings will catch up with us again. Then sadness and anger return with the slightest discomfort, and the situation gradually … Read more

Couples therapist reveals: The 6 biggest mistakes in a relationship

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Are you really compatible 10 points that tell you if your relationship makes sense

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Toxic relationships: poison to the soul

Other research indicates that narcissism also appears to encourage toxic behaviors. Whereas “cool” narcissists are open to their partners, “weak” narcissists, who have low self-esteem at their core, are indirectly motivated by jealousy to control and monitor those close to them. You may also be interested in: In many cases, psychological violence also escalates in … Read more