Closer to Russia: Progress from the EU Parliament – put Schroeder on the sanctions list

Germany near Russia A broad coalition in the European Parliament wants to put Schroeder on the sanctions list Status: 12:30 PM | Reading time: 2 minutes Schroeder is said to have lost offices and staff The privileges of former Chancellor Schroeder will soon expire. The state spent €407,000 in staff costs for its office last … Read more

A blow against the Kremlin’s war fund: G7 decides to end Russian oil

Hit the Kremlin war chest G7 decides to end Russian oil 5/8/2022 at 7:53 PM The day before the military parade in Moscow, the Kremlin has to absorb the bad news: the G7 countries have decided to impose an embargo on Russian oil. The White House has yet to release any details, but this should … Read more

Fear of an oil embargo: Habic’s calls for energy savings spark anger over Schwedt refinery

Social Democrat Mike Bischoff Source: Diana Piper el lupnpllleplleupull lpl epkouala uuO lnpplpekeu Bukot, pep lu eluel alaeullpekeu Bettluelle eO Pleplleup uelelpellel vllp nup peppeu Zeklkellpelauel pel lnpplpeke Pleelphuueplu. Bnup i099 Zeupekeu elpekeu pel “BPG”, peO “BelluekeOlpekeu GuOpluel”. Done huOOeu Fnupelle Pepekotllale pel NntletelnuleluekOeu. Read also “BPG lpl ple BZP uuu Pekvepl”, kelQl ep lO … Read more

‘Tied to one person…’: UK freezes Abramovich’s assets

“Tied to a person…” Britain freezes Abramovich’s fortune 10/03/2022, 11:19 AM Roman Abramovich is said to be close to Vladimir Putin, because of which the British government imposes sanctions on the oligarch. The owner of Chelsea FC is said to have benefited from concessions made by Putin and the Russian government. The British government placed … Read more