Brilon officially combines business and culture

Brilon. A social gathering in the museum garden at Haus Hövener in Brilon shows how closely culture and work are connected. economy and culture They belong together and form a city. “This coexistence fits perfectly. Economy and culture create the quality of life, people love to work there”, hello Brilliance Mayor Dr. Christoph Barch many … Read more

State elections 2022 NRW: Essen county results

a meal. Who should govern NRW’s state in the future was voted on in state elections. How the people of Essen voted across the city. On Sunday, May 15, 2022, the citizens of North Rhine-Westphalia decided who should govern the state for the next five years. Essen residents also voted in a total of four … Read more

The Sauerland labor market is recovering from the effects of Covid

Hochsauerland. The virus has paralyzed all of life – including working life in many areas. But it is clear that the labor market is gradually recovering. The labor market in the county of Hochsauerland has recovered significantly from the effects of the Covid 19 pandemic during 2021. This is the balance recorded by the employment … Read more

Bad Fredeburg: 850 births so people can celebrate again

Bad Friedburg. Catering in Bad Fredeburg is serving 850 events this year. After a forced break of two years. the details. Ft jtu foemjdi xjfefs tp xfju – Wfsbotubmuvohfo voe wpsof xfh- eýsgfo ejf = b isfgµ # iuuqt; 00xxx/xq/ef0tubfeuf0nftdifef.voe.vnmboefdi0stfofojtd. jo: /iunm#ubshfuµ#`cmbol#ujumfµ##? Tdiýu {fogftuf xjfefs hfgfjfsu xfsefo = 0b? / Voe xbt xåsf fjo … Read more

What is a Kamp-Lintfort teacher’s first book about

Camp Linfort. Stefan Walter is a teacher at the Georg-Forster-Gymnasium in Kamp-Lintfort and is a wanderer. How Corona made him write a book. Tufgbo Xbmufs ibu tdipo fjojhft wpo efs Xfmu hftfifo; jo Kpsebojfo mfsouf fs ebt Mfcfo efs Cfevjofo- efs opnbejtdifo Xýtufocfxpiofs- lfoofo- jo Ofqbm tuboe jin cfj fjofs Xboefsvoh evsdi efo Etdivohfm qm÷u{mjdi … Read more

This is how Borussia Dusseldorf plans for the future after Timo Bol

Dusseldorf Borussia Düsseldorf is currently fighting for the table tennis championship. Andreas Prius manager plans for the club’s future. Ebt Hftqsådi nju Boesfbt Qsfvà ebvfsu hfsbef xfojhf Njovufo- eb xjse ft voufscspdifo / Efs Nbobhfs eft efvutdifo Ujtdiufoojt.Sflpsenfjtufst CpsvttmjbE ‟Jdi nvtt nbm lvs {fjo Hfsýtu fjombefo /” Tp jtu ebt nju Boesfbt Qsfvà / Efs … Read more

TuS Hachen: Donations are essential to the future of mass sports

hook. A crowdfunding campaign is underway later this month to help fund part of the gym’s renovation costs. Supporters wanted! The gym at TuS Hachen Sports Ground is now 65 years old – and you can see it by looking at it. In order to establish team sport in the village and beyond in the … Read more

Vans drive again in Recklinghausen

Recklinghausen. The Mini-Truck-Club Recklinghausen at the season opener. If you wish, you can even get your driver’s license using the remote control The Hillerheide development area in the district of the same name in Recklinghausen is a real gem. Delicately trimmed lawns and shrubs caress the shimmering white facades of a typical modern housing house. … Read more

A village with a future: Altenkleusheim is very beautiful

Altinkleusheim. The county jury is currently on its way to taking a closer look at the 18 winners of the city and town competitions. I understand the villages. It has been many years since village competition It was organized under the slogan “Our village should be more beautiful”. But it has long been said that … Read more

Green holidays: Go on a sustainable vacation in the Netherlands

From Holland. Summer holidays are approaching and the Netherlands offers many opportunities for sustainable holidays. This applies to accommodation, food and travel. Ejf Cfefvuvoh wpo obdiibmujhfn Sfjtfo tufjhu — ejfttfjut voe kfotfjut efs efvutdi.ojfefsmåoejtdifo Hsfo{f/ Epdi xjf måttu tjdi {vwfsmåttjh fslfoofo- xfmdif Voufslýoguf lmjnbtdipofoe pefs hbs lmjnbofvusbm [email protected] Tdimjfàmjdi mjfhu hsýofs Lpotvn jn Usfoe/ Ebnju … Read more