Google I/O: Pixel 6a, Pixel 7, Pixel Tablet and Pixel Watch announced

Google I/O Developer Conference keynote kicks off at 7pm. Company President Sundar Pichai welcomed the audience to the Shoreline Theater for the first time in three years. At the event, Google announced the Pixel 6a, the latest Android developer smartphone. Pixel 6a should cost 460 euros. It will run on the same Tensor chip that … Read more

Google Pixel Watch: This is known about the smartwatch

About to unveil Google’s Pixel Watch: At I/O developers, Google could give viewers a first glimpse of its first smartwatch. There has been speculation about the Google Watch for years, at least since the Fitbit takeover was a foregone conclusion. But that hasn’t come yet: Fitbit continues to build its own OS watches even after … Read more