A ‘systematic problem’: police violence often goes without consequences

Time and time again, cases pile up as police officers are accused of disproportionate use of force. However, convictions are rare. Experts attribute this to weak investigative powers. right? A man died during a police search in Mannheim on Monday. A video intended to show the incident quickly spread on social networks and caused strong … Read more

BERLIN: According to the Senate, Ukrainian flags are only banned at 15 memorial sites

Berlin and Brandenburg after criticism The Berlin Senate clarifies that Ukrainian flags are generally permitted on festive days Status: 3:18 pm | Reading time: 2 minutes “This should show all the pro-Russian protesters that they are on the wrong side.” Security authorities expect pro-Russian measures on the anniversary of the end of World War II. … Read more

Investigations with Stuttgart Interior Minister Thomas Strobel

Germany Message forwarded Investigations against the Interior Minister of Baden-Württemberg in the police case Status: 04.05.2022.000 | Reading time: 2 minutes Thomas Strobel (CDU), Minister of the Interior of Baden-Württemberg, is under pressure Source: Bernd Weissbrod / dpa / Archive You can listen to the WELT podcast here To view embedded content, your revocable consent … Read more

Violence in the relationship – in every fifth case the woman hits it – counselor

“We know that men beat women,” says psychologist Bjorn Sofke, 49. “But for most people, it is inconceivable that one fifth of violent assaults in partnerships come from women.” It’s a taboo, says Süfke, who works at the Men’s Helpline (0800-123.99.00), which was founded two years ago. In the first year, 1480 callers sought support … Read more

Sexual intercourse in Baden-Württemberg: Strobel’s resignation required

DrThe Stuttgart Public Prosecutor’s Office is now also investigating Interior Minister Thomas Strobel in connection with a case involving allegations of harassment of a high-ranking police officer. The background is that a CDU politician conveyed a message from a police officer’s lawyer to a journalist. And the Public Prosecutor’s Office said, on Wednesday evening, that … Read more

Community demolishes Youtuber’s house in Central Franconia

DrThe YouTube house “Drachenlord” in Central Franconia has been demolished. The mayor of Emskirchen, Sandra Winkelsbecht, said on Thursday that the demolition work has been going on since Wednesday and will definitely continue through Friday. This may finally bring peace to the village of Alchauerberg in the municipality of Emskirchen. The 32-year-old YouTuber left the … Read more