The Inspector General’s anger over the incompetence of the German armed forces – ‘We have too little ammunition’ – Politics abroad

He’s Germany’s highest-ranking soldier: Inspector General Eberhard Zorn (62). The four-star general, who began his career as an artilleryman in the army, should again make the Bundeswehr fit for national defense, organize arms shipments to Ukraine and suggest to the federal government which weapons systems should be purchased in a package of 100 billion. Bild … Read more

Russia – Embarrassing, Putin! Meltdown Instead of Propaganda – Politics Abroad

Putin’s grandiose parade on Red Square was expected on D-Day over Nazi Germany – the feast in Putin’s country! But it got scary. for the tyrant! The ruler of the Kremlin Vladimir Putin (69) Threw Bankruptcy Show: Parade Without Victory! Especially embarrassing: during the parade, which was already reduced by half, the Luftwaffe remained on … Read more

Ukraine war: Suddenly a lot of evacuation – Mariupol Putin’s plan! – Politics abroad

May 9 became a holy day for Russians under Putin! It is the day of the victory of the Soviet Union and the Western Allies over Nazi Germany. Putin has taken the oath of office to the people and the army especially to this day this year. Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin, 69, wants to celebrate … Read more

Ukraine: worry about May 9! Is Putin sending millions of soldiers to war? – Politics abroad

For more than two months, Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin, 69, has been leading his government The war against Ukraine. Now there are growing concerns about further escalation – and all things “victory day”: foreign politician from the Christian Democratic Union, Rodrich Kiswetter (58) warns of a general Russian mobilization. “One should fear that Vladimir Putin … Read more