You can travel to these countries without exams

Measures against the coronavirus have been sharply curtailed in almost all countries. summarized the current rules ahead of the summer holidays. The situation with the measures to combat the Corona virus has become internationally confusing. – France Press agency ad The basics in brief If you want to go on vacation in the summer, … Read more

Summer Vacation Offer in Solingen 2022: Vacation pass with 300 promotions

Apr 2, 2022 at 6:23 am Summer vacation offer in Solingen : Freene presale begins Martin Edelberger, Daniel Hermanns and Felicitas Marx (from left) in the courtyard of the Traffic Office (Fren) – whose wall has been painted by supervisors with new colours. Photo: Alexander Riedel Solingen The organizers offer around 300 fun activities in … Read more

Crisis team: Hotspot base possible throughout Lower Saxony | – News

Status: 03/17/2022 2:30 PM With the new Infection Protection Act, the federal government wants to drop most of the Corona rules. However, restrictions should be possible in the future through the hotspot rule – also in the whole of Lower Saxony. The deputy head of the Corona Crisis Team in Lower Saxony, Claudia Schroeder, said … Read more

Lower Saxony timeline for the new Corona Law | – News

Status: 03/16/2022 4:30 PM The new Corona regulation for Lower Saxony is expected to be issued on Friday, and will apply from Saturday. But that’s not all: a quick glimpse into the timetable for the coming days. On Wednesday, the German Bundestag dealt, for the first time, with the introduction of the new infection protection … Read more