Too few new buildings – why Germany fails to build housing

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Empty shelves: US flies in baby food through Ramstein

abroad Empty shelves US flies in baby food through Ramstein Status: 8:11 PM | Reading time: 3 minutes US soldiers in Ramstein load infant formula on a trip to Plainfield, Indiana Image source: AFP / AIRMAN FIRST CLASS ALEXCIA GIVEN For weeks, parents in the US have been searching for nearly empty baby food shelves. … Read more

Tiger Woods retires from the PGA Championship in Tulsa

aIn the end, the pain triumphed. For the first time in his professional career, Tiger Woods retired from a major tournament—the last round of the PGA 104 had to be played in Tulsa without the golfer. About four hours after the 15-time winner finished in the third round, Woods told the promoters that he would … Read more

Lauterbach buys another vaccine for 830 million euros

Germany Preparing to fall Lauterbach buys more doses of the Corona vaccine for 830 million euros Status: 5:40 PM | Reading time: 3 minutes Health Minister Lauterbach comments on his Corona strategy in the fall On Twitter, Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) publicly expressed the idea of ​​using sniffer dogs at airports in order … Read more

Train travel: despite the delays or breakdowns, the mood is good

Opinion Ads on the train The train is in a good mood despite the breakdowns Of course, train delays or breakdowns can be annoying. However, all too often, railroad employees smooth out wait times and service restrictions with funny advertisements. So they trained on it. Passengers appreciate it. Status: 07:53 AM | Reading time: 3 … Read more

Census 2022: You Should Know This About The Great Referendum

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Oil and gas: the Bundestag passes a law on the possible expropriation of energy companies

a job Oil and gas supplies The Bundestag passes a law on the possible expropriation of energy companies Status: 12:40 PM | Reading time: 4 minutes Germany ready for Russian energy sanctions According to Federal Economy Minister Robert Habeck, Germany is ready for the sanctions announced by Russia in the energy sector. “We have prepared … Read more

Dispute over ‘basic inheritance’: equal opportunity through €20,000 for all 18-year-olds?

Germany The debate over “primary inheritance” 20,000 euros for all 18-year-olds? This idea of ​​the SPD irritated even the SPD Status: 05/12/2022 | Reading time: 3 minutes Written by Kevin Colina Internal Policy Intern / Axel Springer Academy of Journalism and Technology Paying all 18-year-olds should create equal opportunities, according to the proposal Source: Photo … Read more

Corona assessment: Even the traffic lights let Lauterbach rise

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