Research in relationships: patterns of love from a psychological point of view

Disturbance in understanding marriage and family In the last three decades in particular, there has been a significant disruption in understanding of marriage and the family due to the declining normative commitment to the classical nuclear family (mother, father, child(s)). In the post-war decades, the image of the “ordinary family” was considered a binding archetype … Read more

Dating tips: According to psychologists, this is how you always flirt with success

kmpkt No more bad dates? According to psychologists, this is how you always flirt successfully Status: 08:29 AM | Reading time: 4 minutes A smile can always cheer up – the same goes for flirting Credit: Getty Images / ONOKY – Fabrice Lerouge What if the phrase “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?” … Read more

Couples therapist reveals: The 6 biggest mistakes in a relationship

Identifying faults and trouble spots in a marriage or partnership is not an easy task. Some problems are obvious, while others are often hidden. But in fact there is Errors that are particularly typical be? yes! As a couple therapist and co-founder of digital relationship app Myndpaar, Leonie Wilkin is very familiar with the topic … Read more

8 signs that a relationship is over

Disagreements or misunderstandings occur in any relationship. Therefore, not every argument is a reason for a breakup, because a healthy culture of argumentation must also occur and can even be welded together. And it’s not just about disagreements and arguments: the basic way we treat each other says a lot about the happy state in … Read more