Bahn expects a rush and wants to use more trains

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The largest single order in HMD Global history: Deutsche Bahn orders …

05/20/2022 – 11:03 HMD Global Oy resin Deutsche Bahn is retooling its long-distance transportation division with mobile devices from HMD Global and sets an example in the direction of sustainability: Nokia phones and tablets sold to Deutsche Bahn will receive 4 years of security updates to ensure the longest cycle life. In addition, HMD Global … Read more

€9 ticket: Consumer advocates warn of the wrong time

From the point of view of consumer advice centers, a planned monthly ticket of €9, valid nationwide, could become a “bus and train booster”. However, to ensure the opposite effect does not occur, they are calling for fundamental improvements. Marion Jungbluth, a mobility expert at the Federal Association of Consumer Centers, explained to dpa, among … Read more

Travel – How Interrail shaped Europe’s youth – society

BERLIN (dpa) – When an inconspicuous piece of paper appeared on the travel market 50 years ago, no one probably doubted that it would transform Europe’s youth in the long run. The so-called Interrail ticket was introduced – and with it the opportunity for people up to 21 years old to travel around Europe for … Read more

With these 10 regional trains, you can travel across Germany without having to change trains

Apr 20 2022 – 2:37 pm hour by Daniel Wustenberg All over the country without changing trains. This is also possible with long regional trains. subordinate star It shows how soon you will be able to make the right trip with a €9 ticket. Reading tip: €9 ticket: validity, duration, costs and trains – what … Read more