I did bad things to her

The lover boy’s trial is underway. The main suspect, 21, denies that he made the 12-year-old available to his friends for sex. The main defendant in Loverboy’s trial is accused of human trafficking, among other things. – Pixels ad The basics in brief The Winterthur District Court procedure for Operation “Loverboy” takes several weeks. The … Read more

Violence in the relationship – in every fifth case the woman hits it – counselor

“We know that men beat women,” says psychologist Bjorn Sofke, 49. “But for most people, it is inconceivable that one fifth of violent assaults in partnerships come from women.” It’s a taboo, says Süfke, who works at the Men’s Helpline (0800-123.99.00), which was founded two years ago. In the first year, 1480 callers sought support … Read more