RWE Comment: Dabrowski is the right guy

Now the cat is out of the bag: Christoph Dabrowski will be the new head coach of Rot Weiss-Essen and make RWE a good third-tier team as well. Suspension. distance Christian Tetz And the Christian Neidhart He must now Christopher Dabrowski in RWE. The 43-year-old football coach, Rot Weiss Essen, made an official presentation on … Read more

Promotion to the third division: a confrontation between Essen and Münster – Sport

Football matches between traditional North Rhine-Westphalian clubs Rot-Weiss Essen and Preussen Münster rarely go without serious riots, due to the bitter rivalry between two camps of fans willing to step up. So it’s comforting that the hottest emotional duel in a long time will take place on Saturday at a distance of 70 kilometres. In … Read more

RW Essen before boarding: ‘If it really did happen, it could be a big blast’

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